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Termite Inspections Brisbane
Over the years we have experienced homes that have incurred major structural damage however on the whole most of the attacks on homes and buildings are usually in the fairly early stages. These attacks are usually discovered by the home owner but in some cases we have found activity during inspections with the assistance of the types of inspection tools as shown below.

Some of the best advice we can offer to all home owners is to consider a termite inspection of your property at least annually. This includes inspecting for not only for subterranean termite activity but also moisture related conditions particularly around bathrooms and kitchens as well as fungal decay/wood rot. Your inspection includes all internal and external walls as well as subfloors and roof voids where access is available.

Termites are first and foremost attracted to moisture and we are looking for conditions in and around your home that have the potential to attract, harbour or conceal termite related activity.

We also inspect the site for structures made of timber or sheds storing timber based products including cardboard boxes or paper products, as well as landscaping timbers, tree stumps, fences, etc. Garden sheds and separate garages, particularly older type timber structures are notorious for harbouring and concealing termite activity.

Your inspection may take up to two and half hours, depending on what we find and our discussions with you. We do not set specific time limits for your inspection ... We just spend whatever time is required to ensure we are confident and have performed your inspection to Australian Standards AS 4349.3-2010 or AS 3660.2-2000 and to our High Standards.

Rest assured we will after this point in time have a thorough understanding as to the level of risk and the potential threats to your property and structures.

You will recieve a 8 page inspection report on the day outlining our findings and we will clearly discuss with you the contents of the inspection report and provide you with any recommendations or advice that we believe should be brought to your attention.

As we say to homeowners ... "The best way to describe the inspection process is to see it as a risk assessment of your property and structures and anything that we can recommend to reduce your level of risk is only going to be beneficial!"

Sleep easy in knowing ... Active Bug Control Solutions is, taking the time to give YOU Peace of Mind!