Termite Behavior
Subterranean termites are particularly destructive insects causing at times major structural damage and in our region around Brisbane we have two of the most destructive species being, Schedorhinotermes intermedius and Coptotermes acinaciformas. Unfortunately termites are masters of concealment and have had millions of years refining this trait. We would not refer to termites as being highly intelligent creatures but more tenacious, through constant perseverance in large numbers and opportunists in exploiting weaknesses in the design of houses and structures.

The subject of termites is major and can be researched through many informative websites to be found on the internet but this is not the purpose of our website.

In our experience if homeowners discover termites in their home they do not want to know about the biology, behaviour and life cycle of termites as part of the insect world! ... they just want to get them out of there home, and Fast!

They also need to feel that they are dealing with a business that knows what they are doing and will be around in the future.

It’s that Simple!

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