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Cockroaches & Silverfish are the most common pests found and treated inside homes and businesses. Some of our customers can live with pests outside the home but nobody likes the idea of bugs crawling around unchecked where we eat, sleep and live.
The most common
Cockroach found inside Brisbane homes is the American Cockroach ( Fig.1 Below). Cockroaches & Silverfish like most household pests usually require three elements to breed and prosper in a given area. They require a constant water source, available food source and favourable environment such as prevailing heat and humidity.
This is why you will usually see more cockroaches in summer and particularly around kitchens including dishwashers as well as bathrooms.
Cockroaches & Silverfish will stay close to available food and water sources and will usually come out with the cover of night, when you are asleep, to forage for food and water. This is why you will not normally see these pests during the day, so do not think because you don’t see them during the day that you do not have a problem.
Cockroaches & Silverfish breed prolifically with the right conditions. Cockroaches in particular do not have good personal hygiene and carry all sorts of diseases, so at the very least get us to treat your home for these types of pests annually.
A lot of information can be found on the internet on these types of pests however in our experience most people do not want to study them, they just want these bugs gone as quickly as possible!
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