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Rats and Mice are quite a common household pest around Brisbane particularly during the cooler months from May till September. It is quite common to hear the scratching and scurrying sound of Rats and Mice in your ceiling at the start of winter when they begin to move indoors and look for a nice warm location to breed and bring up there young. The most common rodents we encounter are the Roof Rat ), Norway Rat and the House Mouse.

Rats and Mice are scavengers and will eat almost anything, however mice are generally easier to control than rats. Rats are far more intelligent creatures than mice and are very aware of their surroundings. They are also a lot more cautious of anything new that is introduced into their environment. We have come across many situations where rats try to outsmart humans and pet animals, picking up on a family’s daily routines and habits.
Although they appear cute and cuddly
Rats and Mice have poor personal hygiene and carry all sorts of nasty bugs and diseases on their body fur which can present a health hazard to humans. Rats in large numbers can be aggressive and we have come across a couple of situations where they have bitten homeowners while sleeping.
Rat offspring will typically return to the same location each year to breed and if not controlled can grow in numbers quite quickly. If you have pets we can treat your rodents with bait that has no secondary poisoning, which means if your pet pooch or moggie eats a dead or dying rat or mouse it will not be poisoned as a result of the bait.
Our treatments always include advice on rodent proofing your home against
Rats and Mice.
Where major activity is evident our treatments will also include a follow up visit after two weeks and a re-bait of areas where necessary.
Do not put you and your families health at risk from these menacing creatures, call us today!

"Think Active for Rats and Mice Control in Brisbane!"
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Thanks Geoff, Last company that was here stuck their head in the attic and through bait in from the ladder, and charged more to boot, we were relieved that you got right in the roof, if you hadn't we would have never known the damage caused, any longer they would have gone through the copper pipe and we would have had a flooded house.
This is a personal thank you to your company feel free to use it as a testimonial.
And thanks for the pics we know exactly what has to be repaired now. Feel free to use them on your site.
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