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Bird Mites are not a common household pest and are quite a rare pest to treat, however they can be treated effectively.
Bird Mites are commonly associated with poultry and chicken enclosures and are also carried by pigeons and starlings. Like Ticks, Fleas and Bedbugs, Bird Mites are a parasite, microscopic in size and require a host to supply a regular blood meal for them to prosper and this is usually the bird. In our experience Bird Mites only bite humans because they are test biting. Humans cannot be the host, however when they do bite they cause major discomfort to the home owners and will leave a definite mark creating skin irritations.
Treatment of poultry usually requires treating the source directly and the pen and may require a powder or a wash, but talk to your vet first about treating your birds. Like Fleas on a dog you have to treat both the host and the environment to be effective.
Bird Mites inside the home are often associated with birds nesting inside roof cavities and the mites moving into living areas through light fittings and other access points from the roof cavity.
Bird Mites have a limited life away from the host and with a specific treatment to match the problem we can get them under control quickly. Give us a call to discuss your problem.
Should you need specific advice or help on any of our treatments give us a call - were here for you!

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