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HOME GUARD (pre-construction) Termite Protection

HomeGuard is a Precision Termite management system which is a physical and chemical termite barrier in one.
It is installed to the foundations of a new building or extensions to provide a continuous barrier, which prevents concealed entry of termites into the building, thereby protecting the asset. The HomeGuard product range is manufactured in Australia from polymer based products and incorporates FMC’s leading liquid termite barrier Biflex, which has protected over one million homes in Australia.

How does it work?
HomeGuard Repels, Kills and Blocks foraging termites and when installed correctly, provides an ongoing barrier that surrounds your home.
HomeGuard utilises the proven power of Biflex which is incorporated into its plastic matrix. Biflex is a synthetic pyrethroid modelled on Mother Nature’s very effective insecticide pyrethrum, which is extracted from the pyrethrum daisy.

How long will it last?
HomeGuard provides an effective termite management system for at least 50 years.
The HomeGuard range of products are made from high quality, UV stabilised polymers, designed to handle the rigours of construction.
HomeGuard sheeting and collars are Codemark Certified (comply with the Building Code of Australia) and are therefore approved for building works Australia-wide.

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