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Fleas are quite a common parasitic insect that are usually associated with pet dogs and cats which are the main host and food source.
In our experience effective flea control in the home will always include treatment of the dog or cat but always consult with your vet first. In our experience it is important to get the fleas under control on your pet as well as undertaking some initial non-chemical methods of control. These include washing pet bedding in very hot water and vacuuming all floor areas including hard surfaces. Vacuuming has the benefit of collecting fleas in their various stages of development including eggs, larvae and mature fleas.
The final component of control is the appropriate chemical treatment which usually involves treating all floor areas inside and ground areas outside. Some preparation is required for chemical flea treatments and we can discuss this with you at the time.
Keep in mind that you may not experience an immediate stop to the problem as any eggs that are still present will need to hatch before the larvae can make contact with residual chemical and this may take anywhere from 2-14 days.
If you require further information we can mail you a useful handout on flea biology and control or visit various websites where a lot of information is available.
Remember, with the right preparation and treatment we can get your flea problem under control for you!
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