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Termite Colony Control can either be by direct or indirect means utilising a variety of methods depending on the situation and wether the termite activity is inside a structure or outside on the property.
The main chemical we use for colony control is Termidor non-repellent termiticide which is available in both dust and liquid formulations. Colony control is required where an active nest/colony/feeding point is located as above, or when subterranean termites have unfortunately gained concealed access into a home or other structure. Quite often we find that it is the home owner that first realizes they have a termite problem, however in many cases we have found termite activity during a termite inspection.
On our video page you will see examples of us treating live termites with Termidor Dust in a wall cavity inside and with Termidor liquid outside around the property. The biggest benefit with Termidor, is that we do not have to locate the nest/colony source where the termites are based as usually in most situations the nest/colony will be on and adjoining property. The “Transfer Effect” of Termidor is that through contact with other termites and ingestion the infected termites unknowingly take minute amounts back to the nest/colony site and infect other termites, killing of the site including the breeding King and Queen.
Termidor in our opinion and experience is a very reliable product for both quickly and efficiently gaining colony control. For further information on the Termidor product visit their website at
Remember, if you suspect that you have termites on your property and specifically in your home do not disturb them in any way and definitely do not spray them with fly spray or apply other chemicals. This approach only makes it harder for us to treat them professionally.
Ring us straight away if you suspect a termite activity on your property. In most cases we can normally respond to your concerns on the same day or by the next morning.

"Think Active for Termite (white ant) Colony Control in Brisbane!"

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Happy !!! Thank you Geoff , when we bought this property we found termites in the granny flat we negotiated that they remedy the problem and they had it treated, I arrived to see them pumping this stuff in and I felt reassured. Long story short termites nearly ate the whole structure out , you did such a thorough job assessing it all and now 5 years later , what can I say …I can sleep at night
I have sent you all the images of the destruction these termites have done to the granny flat, that camera you used in the walls was awesome help us pinpoint all the severely damaged areas thanks again
its so reassuring to know that there are people out there that really care about what they do