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Black and Brown Ants are a very common household pest in and around Brisbane homes particularly during the summer months. A lot of information is available on the internet if you would like to learn more about ants but in our experience like termites, if the home owner is experiencing a problem they want them gone as quickly as possible. The following describes some basic differences between Ants and Termites (White Ants).
Ants are very different to termites (White Ants) in a number of ways. Ants have three distinct body segments being a Head, Thorax and Abdomen where Termites only have two segments being a Head and Abdomen. Ants are also predominantly surface dwellers tracking and moving around your property on grass, pathways and on the walls of your home. Termites are tracking and moving under the ground in a concealed and controlled environment rarely making their presence known. Ants also do not usually cause any structural damages to homes where termites around Brisbane have the ability to cause significant structural damage and costly repairs.
The photos below are of some common pest ants and they include, Black House Ant (Fig.1), Coastal Brown Ant (Fig. 2) and Singapore Ant (Fig. 3)
Ants are more of a nuisance often tracking in kitchens and getting into pantries contaminating food items. In some cases we have treated major nest sites that are in wall cavities causing major inconvenience to home owners. Products like Termidor liquid which was originally developed for termite control, is now registered for outside ant control.
If you would like to learn more about Termidor for Ant Control visit their website at or give us a call to discuss your specific ant problem.

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