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Bed Bugs Order Hemiptera...

I have unfortunately had the unenviable task of treating several infestations of this most ravenous insect. The best way to describe this exotic pest is that it is a predator that tracks down and feeds off humans! ... and in some ways it is more challenging to treat this pest than it is to eradicate termites from within a house. Often associated with back packer accommodation and international travellers, this pest is easily transportable in luggage and can multiply rapidly in the hot and humid months of our Brisbane Summer. Some of the first signs of a problem is scratching and unexplained marks on the body and blood spotting on the sheets as well as a general and unexplained feeling of being unwell.

We can relay several experiences of the distress and anxiety that bed bug infestations can inflict on occupants of all ages in the family home.

Ring us straight away if you suspect that you have a bed bug problem?

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