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"Thank you Geoff and activebugcontrol for another amazing result with your ant treatment.

We live in The Gap on a large block surrounded by bush and had ants coming into all our window and door frames from outside, up the walls and into the bathrooms, kitchen, outside sheds, they were just everywhere. They were coming from under the decks, up drain pipes, across boulder walls and paths to get into the house.

We have been using Geoff and activebugcontrol for a few years now and he is very thorough. He also comes back after 2 weeks to check and ensure he has wiped out all the nests.

Well a day after the initial treatment the ant attack had stopped and for the following 2 weeks we only found dead ants everywhere! and the occasional ant on its last legs."

Great job Geoff!

Stephen B
The Gap

We have been getting Geoff to spray our property at Mango Hill for mosquitoes for over 18 months now and we are still amazed at how well his treatments work! We can use our backyard during the summer months and at night without fear of getting eaten alive. He has always been very professional, friendly and is always on time.
We were quite skeptical at first about how well the treatments would work but we were pleasantly surprised - it did exactly what Geoff said!  I would highly recommend him to anyone needing pest control services.
Will definitely be getting him back for any other pest-related problems - and to keep the mozzies away from us!
Sam and Jo, Mango Hill

We wanted to celebrate our wedding in the backyard of our home. So did the mozzies. A week out, when we had our practice run through, our celebrant was drowned out by the sound of our bridal party slapping mozzies. The next morning we called Geoff and he organised a few days out from the big day to provide us with a full house/garden mozzie treatment. We didn’t think it was possible to rid the place of mozzies but as it turned out, our wedding day was a mozzie free event! 
We have used Geoff for the last 3 years to perform our annual pest treatments and inspections. Geoff is punctual and professional and takes great pride in his work. We have full confidence in him and would recommend him to anyone. 

Rikki and Mitch

"We recently moved out of a rental property and because of our pet we needed to perform professional internal and external flea control. Geoff helped us out with an excellent job which assisted in getting all our bond back. Soon after moving into a new property we discovered a bad cockroach and spider infestation inside the house. Geoff came to help us again and explained everything there is to know about these nasties and answered all questions I had. His friendly personality and professional conduct paired with his effective treatment around the house makes him the perfect person to do business with. He accommodated us on very short notice, which was a life saver as I couldn't bare to stay in the same house with all these insects. Since he applied the treatment I haven't seen any bugs around and I got my peace back. I'd highly recommend him to anyone and I'll be using his services again." Thanks Geoff!!
Judit L.
Palm Avenue Shorncliffe.

In the past 12 months, we have used Active Bug Control Solutions three times – once for our annual pest spray, the next time for a termite inspection after our neighbour discovered a nest close to our house, and lastly to clear up funnel ants from our front footpath which, after rain, resembled a ploughed field. On each occasion, Geoff was very professional and friendly.  We had a problem with ants living in the wall cavity – that was nearly twelve months ago and not one ant has been seen since.   A fortnight after the treatment, Geoff came back to check they were all gone.
I have also rung Geoff for advice when I thought I had discovered a termite nest, only to be reassured over the phone that I was panicking over nothing.
I would (and do) recommend Active Bug Control Solutions to anyone.  Two of our neighbours now also use Geoff.  After our termite scare, neighbours discovered termites in their house and Geoff fixed the problem, much to their satisfaction. He also cleared funnel ants from another neighbour’s property.
Several of the members of Chermside Bowls Club now also use Active Bug Control Solutions.

Ian and Deb A.
Wavell Heights

" fantastic service, always on time and a pest treatment that works year after year. "
B & K Wilson, Bracken Ridge

Termidor Ant Treatment

I was living at the previous house for 7 years. I never had a pest control person attend as I was just doing my own dodgy control around the house but I had this issue with ants that I just couldn’t get rid of them.

I think I must have had almost every species of ant living in my house and they were driving me nuts. I had everything from the tiny midget ants, normal black ants as well as bigger bull ants and one other which I think was a mutant from all the others.

After being harassed by them I finally got sick of it and called  a few places prior to calling you. The other places gave me a quote over the phone and that was fine, however when I called you I think we talked for about 15 minutes on the phone prior to me making the decision to use your services. By explaining the use of Termidor and how it worked I thought that is what I need!

When you arrived at my place I’m sure you knew you had your work cut out for you, but as you proved to me, that stuff is lethal and a couple hours after you had gone I had the biggest smile on my face. Ants were everywhere, dead or dying..  live ants were discarding dead ants from outside of my walls where their nests were and by the end of the day it was a massacre.

I was so happy which is why when I moved and noticed a few ants in the new place, I overcome the desire to go into the fetal position and give you a buzz to come sort them out which you done.

Thanks very much for your professional help I really do appreciate your thorough work.

Jason H. Caboolture

During our recent annual pest and termite check it was discovered that we had termites that decided to take up residence in our bathroom and seemingly adjoining rooms. We were not expecting this news and caused a lot of stress, especially not knowing how much damaged had been done. By word of mouth of our distress, Active Bug Control was highly recommended to quote.

Geoff at ABC sensed our distress and made it a priority to come and quote even though it was the weekend. His prompt response and explanation was done in a professional and easily understood conversation. Within 3 hours of his visit we had a quote explaining clearly in detail what ABC recommended. We appreciated that we were able to communicate over the weekend with Geoff which eased the stress levels. Geoff was able to make our job a priority and commenced work a few days later to inspect and terminate our unwelcomed house guests.

I can make light of the situation now but believe me it wasn’t that way at all. We were lucky and our outcome was not as bad as first thought with minimal damage. However, a lesson learned and we now also have the protection of full barrier treatment. This treatment has currently been installed by Geoff from ABC in our home against any future threats of unwelcomed visitors. We also have a greater understanding of the workings of these pests, thanks to Geoff sharing his knowledge with us.

Thanks to Geoff and Kelli for their care and understanding during this stressful time for us and taking care of our problem so professionally. We would have no hesitation in highly recommending Active Bug Control Solutions for all services provided by their company.

Vicki & Greg A, Albany Creek

Am writing to thank you for your prompt, professional approach to my termite problem. All facets and outcomes of the treatment were explained in a very understandable fashion - my initial concern regarding extermination and subsequent safeguards were quickly allayed.
Such outstanding customer service means I will gladly recommend your company - Active Bug Control Solutions - without any reservations.

Gratefuly, Sheila J. Nundah

The best service we have ever had, would not use anyone else. Very trustworthy.

Enid and Ed H, Bracken Ridge

This year was all about house hunting for me. When it came time to get serious about a property, I called on Geoff & Kelli at ABC to provide the technical expertise I needed for all the important Pest Inspections. The service provided was outstanding, and Geoff was able to put me in touch with a great Building Inspector as well, which was really helpful.

Having gone through these necessary steps numerous times over several months, and knowing exactly what I “should” do, I still ended up making the ultimate mistake. I bought a unit at
auction, sight unseen, and without the pre-purchase inspections. Straight after settlement, I had new carpet installed, and during that process, the carpet installers found live termites around the living rooom walls. One phone call later, Geoff was on site to remedy the problem. Immediate action was taken to kill the live nasties, and within days, the full barrier treatment was complete. I hated having to deal with the issue of termites, but I can rest assured that the services provided by ABC have taken care of the problem in the most effective and efficient way. I’m happy to provide the highest recommendation to Geoff & Kelli and ABC!

Karyn O., Bracken Ridge