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Spiders are a household pest that are found around most homes particularly during the warmer summer months. The most common spiders we come across around Brisbane .... the Huntsman Spider often found inside the home particularly after rain ... the Golden Orb Spider and the St Andrews Cross Spider (Top left hand Pic) both seen outdoors around trees, shrubs and walls.

Most spiders we come across are quite harmless and they are generally more frightened of us than we are of them. However we also periodically come across the
Red back Spider and the White Tailed Spider. These Spiders can be particularly aggressive and harmful to humans and pets and should be treated as soon as possible.

Once again most home owners are not that interested in the biology of Spiders as a lot of information can be sourced from various websites. They just want to know that when we treat for spiders they are not going to have a problem for months to come.
"Think Active for Spider Control in Brisbane!"
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Thanks Geoff, Last company that was here stuck their head in the attic and through bait in from the ladder, and charged more to boot, we were relieved that you got right in the roof, if you hadn't we would have never known the damage caused, any longer they would have gone through the copper pipe and we would have had a flooded house.
This is a personal thank you to your company feel free to use it as a testimonial.
And thanks for the pics we know exactly what has to be repaired now. Feel free to use them on your site.