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"Yes, Termites can Fly" showing Winged Alate which are Reproductive Termites.
This could indicate a termite Nest Site is nearby. CALL US if you find them?

"Think Active for termite and general pest control in Brisbane North Side!"
CALL 3261 8794 or Give us a Call on the mobile we might be in your area 0488 913 436
What bugs you?
At Active Bug Control we allow more time than the average business, to complete a Termite Inspection and general pest treatment for cockroaches, black ants, brown ants, spiders and all those other annoying little bugs that infiltrate your home or place of business in the Brisbane area.

These are services that just cannot be rushed, you as the owner are counting on a thorough and professional inspection/treatment that is performed professionally with the latest inspection and spray equipment.

With our business we can now offer the marketplace an alternative that meets our high standards and ethics ... no cutting corners with chemicals or time ... just getting the bug inspections and treatments done right the first time ... as you would expect!

This peace of mind that we can extend to you is also using what we believe are the best chemicals and products on the market today ... Termidor, Biflex, Homeguard and Camilleri are proven Australian brands that we have extensive experience with!

Rest assured, we will just not take the chance in endorsing any brand that we do not have complete confidence in ... Why?... Because the reputation of our business ... and the success of your termite treatment or pest control treatment ... is counting on it!

"Think Active for Bug Control in Brisbane!"

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